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Sex Robots - The Future of Sex Machines

The best sex machines, vibrators, thrusting sex toys & more

Sex robots, sex machines, blowjob machines and BlueTooth enabled sex toys are the latest evolution in adult playthings – and ultimately the future of pleasure toys.

With good reason. We can attest that when you use a good sex machine you’ll come to levels of pleasure you’ve never experienced before.

They are pretty amazing and it’s a pretty liberating experience to not have to use your hands, or receive sensations your hands could never provide. We have a TON of sex robots and sex machines profiled and reviewed on our site. Most are absolutely amazing!

Buy Sex Robots & Sex Machines Online

New sex robot news, articles and sex toy reviews from Sex and Robots

We also curate sex machines from different vendors across the internet. We have a store called Pleasure Cartel. We have a HUGE selection of sex machines for both men and women at our store – PleasureCartel.com

Our picks for the best sex machines currently available for sale at Amazon. These sex machines sell really well and people love them.  We love them!  They are all high-quality and do what they are supposed to – get you off in amazing new way.   Good Stuff here.

If you like these sex machines, be sure to visit our thrusting sex machine page to see more amazing sex machines like this reviewed and profiled.  Thrusting Sex Machines & Vibrators

Men's Blowjob Robots & Sex Machines

Gentlemen, The Dream is Real! Check out these amazing robot blowjob machines!

Men’s sex machines and robotic blowjob machines are new, hot and an AWESOME way to get off. There are a ton of men’s sex machines available in all kinds of sizes and shapes. To the right you see an attachment for the famous Hismith sex machine. This is a great toy and can get you OFF – just use lot’s of water based lube.

Which you can get at our sex toy store: PleasureCartel.com

Sex machine manufacturers have finally discovered that men are a viable market for sex toys – Why should women have all the fun? – and as a result we’re seeing many men’s sex toys start to hit the sex toy market.

Thrusting Sex Robots

Sex Machines that Move In & Out, Back & Forth

Sex Machines have been available to women in the form of your traditional vibrators for a long time. But with the advent of robotics and advanced manufacturing processes, we’re seeing sex toy manufacturers take their products to the next level. Hence – thrusting sex machines and vibrators.

Instead of using vibration to get you off, these toys thrust back and forth within. Gone are the days where you just hold a vibrating piece of plastic against yourself. With these next generation sex machines, you can stand up, sit down, bend over or assume any other position you want and get laid in any number of ways at speeds you never thought possible – be sure to use A LOT of lube.

Buy Thrusting Sex Robots Online

These are hard to find at ANY brick and mortar store, but you can get them online

With some of the high end machines – Lovebotz Cesar and Pandora’s Box – you can get a Fleshlight attachment for men which makes for an amazing time.

Simply imagine a hand stroking the end of your cock at about three hundred strokes per minute. . . and it doesn’t get tired. You get the idea. It’s AMAZING! These are the best sex machines currently available.

LoveBotz Sex Robots

Lovebotz makes some of the best sex robots in the universe

Lovebotz is the premier maker of sex machines for men and women. They make high quality, luxury sex machines that many consider to be top of the line. They have quality parts, quality motors and can thrust a dildo into you at speeds of up to 300 thrusts per minute. . . that’s very fast.

They were the company that took thruster sex machines from the workbenches of sex toy aficionados and craftsmen and made them into safe, well-constructed- easy to setup and use sex machines for all the world to enjoy. These are some of the best sex machines made, and the people that frequent our sites love them. Be sure to check out our Buying Guide to LoveBotz Sex Machines.

Buy Lovebotz Sex Robots Online

You can get these amazing sex robots at Amazon

When using a Lovebotz sex machine we recommend A LOT of water-based sex lubricant when using these machines!

If you’re looking for a top of the line sex machine, Lovebotz Sex Machines are a great place to start your search. We’ve got a ton of Lovebotz sex machines to check out on our site.  View the Lovebotz Reviews and Profiles here.  

Sybian Saddle Sex Robots

As see on Howard Stern, these are amazing sex robots

Sybians are the hottest women’s sex machine around. With Liberator making a low cost sybian, and more and more videos of women riding sybians on the internet – it seems like everyone wants to try riding one. They’re easy to use. Simply plug it in, lube it up and straddle it. Then use the remote control to get the built in dildo vibrating.

Sybians are also great sex machines for couples with one person controlling the vibration of another. If you’re looking for a sex toy that’s a bit less intimidating that a Lovebotz thrusting machine (as amazing as they are), then a sybian might be worth checking out. View all Sybian Reviews and Profiles

Buy Sybians Online

There are four or five solid, high level sybians available online.