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AutoBlow 2 Review – Classic Men’s Blowjob Sex Toy

The Original Crowd-Funded Men's Sex Toy

Have you ever wondered what a blowjob from a trained professional might feel like?   Wonder no more.

These days there are a large number of robotic blowjob machines for men that will give you that exact sensation.  If you haven’t checked one of these out. . .do.  They are astounding. 

Women have had vibrators, bullets and all kinds of sex machines for a long time.  We’re excited that men are starting to get the same attention paid to their masturbatory needs.

One of our favorite men’s robot blowjob machines is the Autoblow 2

It is listed on our site as our favorite crowd sourced sex toy. . .and it is.

  It was originally started with a kickstarter campaing.  While I missed the boat on the initial offering I have in fact tried an AutoBlow 2 – many times.  I was sent one by the maker.  And I am a fan.

That said, one caveat.  I am have average to thick member and the medium sleeve they sent felt too loose.  I ultimately ordered a small sleeve that fit better.  I DO RECOMMEND this toy blowjob machine for men.  It’s nice to site back and just let it happen. . .for a long time. 

But if you order one, do consider getting a size smaller sleeve than you might suppose you would.

What is the Autoblow 2 Men's Sex Toy?

The AutoBlow 2 is designed with one objective in mind: to give the most climactic experience imaginable. This amazing Blowjob Robot plugs into any electrical outlet (110v – 240v) so you never have to replace batteries, a great feature bound to save you money and to keep you in the mood for longer.

We at SexAndRobots.com are ecstatic to present for your pleasure one of the most realistic Robotic Blowjob ever produced. Fans of the original Autoblow will notice immediately, thant the best selling men’s sex toy has taken a leap forward with this new design.

It utilizes an industrial strength metal motor rated to last a minimum of 500 hours. It is equipped with two bands of springs that are certain to provide a snug fit and do all of the work for you. Another impressive function of this Sex Machine is that the user can adjust the speed of the motor’s up/down sucking motion.

Robotic sex has also never felt so realistic or been so hygienic due to the unique sleeve design.

3 Types of Autoblow 2 Masturbator Sleeves

The sleeves are produced in three widths, so just choose the proper circumference and you’re good to go! The sleeves are flesh-like but also removable and reusable. Just clean them with soapy water or a toy cleaner and they’re like new. They are also constructed from a durable material so that even your most passionate sessions won’t damage them.

Have you ever had the experience of your lover needing to pause for air or to wipe away a tear? When we need to feel our shafts deep inside but our lovers’ gag reflexes won’t allow it, what are we to do?

The only responsible thing is to give our lovers’ orifices a break and whip out our incredible Sex Robot. As romantic as those experiences are, this amazing Blowjob Machine will never gasp for air or pause to regain its composure.

Another wonderful feature of this next-gen Sex Robot is that it is inconspicuous. It will fit in your bedroom drawer, in your luggage, or even hidden away in your glove box so you can get amazing head anytime you want without prying eyes being any the wiser.


Indeed, the old saying is true that ‘good things come in small packages’. Order your AutoBlow2 today and experience your dream Blowjob tomorrow! 

Like we said above, the only caveat we have for the great men’s sex toy is to get a size larger than you think you will need.  You will be glad you did!