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Automatic Pumping & Thrusting Adjustable Sex Machine

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This sex robot looks amazing – like a little tank.  It’s the sex robot you’ll want to bring to the sex party or orgy to impress your friends.   Released upon the world in 2014, this sex machine represents cutting edge adult toy design and technology.  It’s manufactured with high quality, and it is slowly starting to become of our most recommended next get sex robots.

Amazon: Super Automatic Pumping & Thrusting Machine

It’s a powerful thrusting sex robot.  The main rod thrust at 0-420 tpm or Thrusts Per Minute.  It’s made so that you can use a dildo attachment, an anal attachment or a Fleshlight attachment for men.  This makes it a great sex toy for both men and women.  Boys – get the Fleshlight attachment and this machine – you won’t be sorry.

That said, because this robot thrusts at 420 thrust per minutes, you’ll want to be sure you use a lot of lube,  or you might be a little sorry (and a little chaffed!)

The thrusting distance is shorter than some other machines at 4.5-5cm deep and 40kg of thrusting power.   But because it goes so fact, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

We love that it’s a stepless sex toy.  This means that when you start to turn up the thrusting power, the robot doesn’t jump from one speed to another.  It’s a smooth ride all the way upward.

At 3kg, it’s a lighter machine and uses suctions cups to hold it in place (which we appreciate – that said, there are better sex machines if you want to take it in bed).  This is a table/desk/floor sex machine.  Think of it a a sybian that thrusts instead of vibrate.

All told, this is a great sex machine that is powerful for it’s small size – VERY powerful. You will need to purchase attachments for it, but that’s part of the fun!  We’re excited that we are starting to see sex robots and sex machines come out that are user friendly, and this is one of them.  This is definitely a next generation sex machine.

Amazon: Super Automatic Pumping & Thrusting Machine

Automatic Pumping & Thrusting Adjustable Sex Machine

Amazon: Super Automatic Pumping & Thrusting Machine

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