If we’ve learned one thing in making online sex toy blogs and stores over the years, it’s that the British love to get it on as much as Americans. In fact, sex toys are pretty popular around the world, and with the advent of the internet, the are pretty easy to get anywhere you are.

Different countries have different tastes – for example, we sell A LOT more inflatable sex dolls in Great Britain and more silicone sex dolls in America. But we find that when it comes to sex machines – especially high quality sex machines – people around the world have pretty much the same taste and requirements from their toys – make it fast, make it safe, and make it feel AMAZING for a long, long time.

To that end we’ve curated the following collection of high quality sex machines for our friends in Great Britain.

This is a collection from Amazon UK. Clicking on the links below will take you directly to their site where you can get pricing information about the sex machines as well as read reviews.

If you are from America, Canada or Germany (or other big tribes of visitors), then you’ll have to look elsewhere for your pleasuring. There are plenty of hardcore sex machines across the rest of the site. The tools below are for the Brits. We hope you enjoy this killer collecting of amazing machines.

Buy Sex Machines in Great Britain