ElectraStim “Flick” Electro Sex Pack with Self Adhesive ElectraPads

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ElectraStim "Flick" Electro Sex Pack with Self Adhesive ElectraPads, Best Sex Machines and Sex Robots - Sybians, Vibrators, Lovebotz
Manufacturer: ElectraStim
Lowest Price: $100.30
Read Reviews (Amzn): ElectraStim "Flick" Electro Sex Pack with Self Adhesive ElectraPads

Don’t let the medical equipment like appearance of this stimulator extraordinaire deter you from the wealth of orgasmic possibility that awaits you when you bring a Flick Electro Sex Pack from ElectraStim home! This mind-blowing set of machinery is simple to use and the results are always spectacular! This is because the Flick Electro Sex Pack is completely customizable in both intensity and speed with an impressive array of other custom options. There are 24 different intensity levels, actually, and these can be further adjusted with the 7 built-in vibration pattern settings as well.

Additionally, this stim pack comes with self-adhesive electro-pads that can be reused many times over and still remain firmly in place when it really counts. The handy and detailed LED read out allows you to keep track of all the modes and functions simply so that switching between favorites can be done in a flash.

This machine is also USB rechargeable so there is never a need to track down a battery, just plug it in to a computer or USB wall adapter. So you can take comfort in knowing that you can hedonistically indulge in incredible orgasms without leaving a mark on the planet or a fire in a landfill, as batteries thrown in the trash are notorious for. And of course, no ruined toys from leaky and corrosive batteries!

Packaged and shipped privately and discreetly, direct to your door.

More Information: ElectraStim "Flick" Electro Sex Pack with Self Adhesive ElectraPads

This Luxury Sex Toy is Currently Available at Amazon.com

This luxury sex toy is currently available for sale at Amazon.com
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