Electro Stim Sex Machines

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Electro stim toys are toys designed for sexual wellness that use small burst of electricity to achieve the same orgasmic goal that manual stimulation with vibrators, fingers etc. Now we know the thought of placing electricity near our sexy bits is rather terrifying but let us assure you it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s actually quite amazing, painless (unless you like that sort of thing) and completely safe. There are hundreds of different electro stim toys available for all genders.

It is important to note that though every toy has the ability to conduct electricity to volumes many would consider painful that is only the preferred outcome for a small number of electro stim toy fans. There are a wide range of stimulation strength options and most of them offer zero pain at all while still giving you possibly the strongest orgasms you’ll ever experience.

Electro Stim Toys are Customizable

From whisper like touches that seem barely even there to pounding, pulsing rhythms meant to make you melt into a puddle of quivering mush, every stim toy you find will allow you the chance to start small and find your perfect setting unique to just you. The people who design these toys know that one electro setting does not fit all so they have designed these toys in a way to accommodate all stim strength preferences in each power stim unit.

Keep in mind that all electro stim toys worth their salt have rubber rings included. These are strategically placed around the base of your stim to allow you the best contact and manipulation of the toy without feeling the electro effect in your hands. This is important because the effect is distracting and makes dexterous movements with fingers nearly impossible due to tingling and muscle contractions.

Eletro Stim Sex Machines are for Internal OR External Use

If you are using internal electrode toys then you want to make sure that you stick to water based lubricants only as things like silicone can damage silicone toys and provide and insulation between you and the electricity emitted, therefore greatly dulling the effect.

For external electro stim usage it is best to use electro-conductive gel and only where the instructions tell you to place the gel. It is very important to read the instructions thoroughly and reread them whenever you can’t remember specifics. The places these tools need to be lubricated are often different from stim toy to stim toy. Therefore you want to ensure you’re using the toy correctly for safety reasons.

After use, the best way to ensure your electro toys are properly cleaned is to wash them in antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Be sure to unplug everything prior to getting them wet and be sure to never completely submerge them. Though there is room for error and the connection plugs can get wet without damage to the toy itself you must make sure that the components are fully dried before next use or the motor could be damaged.

We love the Cyrex ElectraStim SensaVox Electro Stimulator

For those of you that are experienced electro toy users and are seeking something that no other electro stimulator can provide then may we direct your attention to the Cyrex ElectraStim SensaVox Electro Stimulator? This impressive piece of stim machinery comes with a whopping 99 power settings for a truly unprecedented electro experience that no other stim toy can currently touch.

It is very important to note that these kinds of toys should never be used in certain health care situations; for example, you should not use stim toys if you have a heart condition or have a pacemaker installed, are pregnant, fatigued, ill, unwell, dehydrated or malnourished, have broken or irritated skin and never above the waist.

If you have other questions or concerns it is safe and you are encouraged to discuss this matter with a licensed physician if you worry that it may be an issue or want to ensure no complications may arise for you.

Now go forth and enjoy!

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