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Fifi Male Masturbator

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Fifi Male Masturbator, Best Sex Machines and Sex Robots - Sybians, Vibrators, Lovebotz
Manufacturer: FifiToys
Lowest Price: Too low to display
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Regardless of your reasons, if you’re looking for a clean, efficient and effective way to partake in a quick self-pleasure session you’ll want to try the Fifi Male Masturbator. This innovative masturbator features a discreet design so upon first glance none would be the wiser.

There are many features that make this masturbator a preferred choice by many and even the ladies are buying it for their men. It makes a great gift for that special man in your life. The stylish design is suitable to leave on your nightstand for easy access as needed.

Cleanup is a Breeze and Mess-Free

The Fifi comes with disposable inserts or sleeves crafted of natural latex and there is never a mess to clean up. You simply remove and toss the sleeve when you’re done and insert a clean sleeve prior to the next use. Each insert is for single-use only. This mess-free feature is possibly the best offered by the Fifi.

Comfortable and Adjustable Fit

A comfortable fit is guaranteed because you can adjust the fit as needed by rolling the Fifi tighter (or loosening it) as needed. Need a little more pressure applied? Just squeeze the Fifi and enjoy the sensations.

Realistic Experience Every Time

This particular masturbator will also retain heat so you get to enjoy a realistic experience every time you use it. You will never need to use your hand again when you try the Fifi and you likely won’t find a better way to quickly fulfill your needs.

Discreet, Sleek & Stylish Design

Its innovative design makes the Fifi ideal for traveling or the ability to leave it on your nightstand. Unless a person owns one or has seen one, they won’t have any clue as to what it is upon first glance.

Lube it Up

The Fifi does require the use of lube or you could endure burning or chafing. Water-based lubricants are required for use with the Fifi’s sleeves.

Cleaning the Fifi

To clean your Fifi just remove the foam insert and hand wash the exterior with mild detergent and cold water then lay it flat to dry. Do not wring it out! When it is completely dry you can put the foam insert back in place.

Molded Fit for Maximum Comfort & Pleasure

Over time the Fifi will form to mold your shape so you won’t have to adjust nearly as often, or ever, once it has molded perfectly for your fit.


  • Length: 7.75 inches
  • Diameter: 3.5 inches

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This luxury sex toy is currently available for sale at
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