Fleshlight V-Stroker: Men’s Virtual Reality Fleshlight Sex Toy

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Fleshlight V-Stroker: Men’s Virtual Reality Fleshlight Sex Toy

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We LOVE the Fleshlight V-Stroker. We’ve talked about it at our site on several occasions, but if you missed it, the V-Stroker is the closest thing we have on the commercial market for virtual – 3D sex.

“Thrust slowly and listen to her moan, These girls are dripping with seduction… and you control everything. Even the moment you cum all over her! The Vstroker enabled content includes: – Videos – Games – Interactive Worlds – Cams – And more!”

The Vstroker is Fleshlight’s first real Virtual Fleshlight Machine, and it is awesome. The concept is pretty simple. A small remote attachment screws into the end of your vStroker Fleshlight. This sends signals to a small USB dongle that you stick into your computer. On that computer, you turn on V-Stroker enabled porn.

The harder you stroke, the more the person on the screen moans and the faster they get it on.

If you stroke fast, they moan a lot and start frantically having sex. If you slow down, they slow down. Most of the V-Stroker enabled videos are point-of-view so it seems like you are actually having sex with the actress or actor.

This is one of the first virtual reality sex experiences we have – and it’s put together by the world’s #1 male sex toy maker!

You can find VStroker enabled content from Fleshlight here:

Fleshlight Machine Videos: https://vstroker.com/store/videos-c-21.html

We’ve collected some other Fleshlight V-Stroker videos below to give you a better idea for how this great sex machine works. If you want to purchase one you can order discreetly through Amazon.com at the link below or go straight to the source and pick one up from Fleshlight.com.

Fleshlight V-Stroker Videos

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