Fleshlight: New Men’s Sex Machines

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Fleshlight: New Men’s Sex Machines

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As traditional models of Fleshlights had no moving parts, we couldn’t really call them sex machines. But new, more technologically oriented Fleshlights have changed that. With Fleshlight’s that vibrate, Fleshlights that connect to your computer and Fleshlights that affix to your ipad we wanted to show off some of the new goodies.

Fleshlights are the number one selling male sex toy of all time. On one hand they are simple strokers, but on the other hand , because they are made of such high quality, they are really amazing sex toys.

You can learn all about normal – non-robotic – Fleshlights are our men’s sex toy site – Fleshtoysforboys.com.

There are currently three technological Fleshlights: The Vibro, the Vstroker and the Fleshlight Launchpad iPad Attachment.

The Vibro

Vibro male masturbator by Fleshlight

The Fleshlight Vibro is one of the companies newer offerings. It’s a full Fleshlight that, as the name says, vibrates. And it REALLY vibrates.

A special ‘Touch’ sleeve made especially for the Vibro not only make this a real sex machine, but also a great men’s sex toy. It let’s the vibrations rattle the entire stroker. You can place them wherever you like along the shaft.

The VStroker

Virtual reality sex toy – the Vstroker bridges the gap between virtual sex and real sex. It’s an attachment for your Fleshlight that monitors the up and down movement of your hand as you jack off.

That information is sent to your PC or mac and virtually simulated on the screen with Fleshlights catalogue of Vstroker enabled movies and videos. If you go slow, the porn star on the screen moans. If you go fast she starts to scream.

The Fleshlight Vstroker is a great interactive experience.

Fleshlight Launch Pad iPad Case Attachment

People have been having a lot of virtual sex on iPads. Fleshlight is capitalizing on that with the release of their iPad Launch Pad Attachment. Just look at the picture and you can see how it works, or take a look at the Fleshlight video below. The video has been banned on Youtube!

This is a fun attachment and at $24.95, it comes in at a good price. It does not, however, come with a Fleshlight – that’s sold separately.

We recommend combining all three of Fleshlights sex toys. They can all be used together! Combine them with a great sex doll and you have an amazing virtual sex experience.

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