Love Botz Beat It 8X Rotating and Rhythmic Male Masturbation Machine

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Love Botz Beat It 8X Rotating and Rhythmic Male Masturbation Machine

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Love Botz Beat It 8X Rotating and Rhythmic Male Masturbation Machine, Best Sex Machines and Sex Robots - Sybians, Vibrators, Lovebotz
Manufacturer: LoveBotz
Lowest Price: $119.32
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LoveBotz has bumped things up a notch with the USB rechargeable Beat It Hands Free Male Masturbator Machine. This amazingly portable and fully functional masturbation sleeve offers 8 different rhythms and speeds of swirling, vibrating rotating delight.

Inside it is lined with textured TPR/TPE (thermo plastic elastomer rubber), a nontoxic, phthalate free material that is made to mimic the sensation of flesh down to the pull of flesh on flesh. The special little nubs inside ensure that there will be no lack of stimulation as this powerful little machine spins you to a most satisfying conclusion to your time together.

Adding to the ambiance of the whole thing is a number of multi colored Led lights that create a lovely and immersive color display as the setting to your evening’s pleasures. It’s an almost magical way to ease some tension and blow of a little stress from the day.

The Beat It Machine is rather small and looks unusual so even if it’s accidentally spied the peeping person will probably have no idea what it even is! Yet it has a rather high tech ambiance to it, like you’ve stepped a hundred years or more into the future. Really is a fantastic machine to have handy and with it’s convenient length of 8.75” inches and bearing concealing lids this toy can go just about anywhere with you! Add the USB charging capability and you’ve got a toy that’s ultra-easy to use just about anywhere while being good for the environment as well!

Please know that you can only use water based lubricants with this toy as the internal material will degrade very quickly if you were to use oil or silicon based lubricant. Clean after each use. Do not submerge in water. Clean using a mild soap or cleanser, antibacterial is okay. This toy cannot be sanitized. Store the Beat It Hands Free Male Masturbation Machine completely dry in a cool and dry location. Do not store in direct sun.

Privately ships direct to you in discreet packaging.

More Information: Love Botz Beat It 8X Rotating and Rhythmic Male Masturbation Machine

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