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iSex USB Kegel Balls give plug and play a whole new meaning with this incredible collection of portable USB powered pleasure devices. All iSex travel accessories are easy to use, perfect for beginners, TSA approved, and ecologically friendly. There is no need for batteries, just plug an iSex device into the USB port in your computer, car, or cell phone plug and you are ready for fun!

Tens of Thousands of Years in the MakingiSex Sex Toys from Pipedreams

While we think of sex toys as modern inventions, they have actually been with us throughout human history. The earliest recorded dildos date back to the 5th Century BCE in ancient Greece. Earlier dildos have been found in archeological digs, dating back about 30,000 years. Archeologists recognized them by not only their shape, but also the suggestive markings on and around the items.

From crude stone dildos, to lacquered vaginal toys used by women in 15th Century China, the early sex dolls of the 17th Century, to the modern cock rings and rabbit vibrators today, we have continuously developed and updated our pleasure devices.

In today’s on-the-go culture, where everything is about mobility and convenience, it only makes sense that our sex toys should evolve further. Now when you need a ladygasm, you have a mobile app sex toy at your fingertips.

It Is Called Plug-n-Play

The iSex line of plug & play devices have been created to provide modern men and women with intimate pleasure on the go. Whether you are a college student needing something discreet for the dorm room, you are travelling on business, or spending the weekend away from your loved one, iSex toys offer something for everyone.

From vibrating nipple clamps and G-spot vibrators to textured strokers, these modern toys offer discreet, intense vibrations guaranteed to please.iSex

A Glimpse at the iSex Toy Line

Whether you are a beginner looking for your first sex toy or experienced and looking for something new to hide in your desk drawer at home – or in the office – iSex toys offer variety and stimulating pleasure. These devices need no batteries, nor do you have to wait for them to charge. Simply plug them into the USB port on your computer, in your car, or on your phone charger and enjoy.

Get a Ladygasm on the Spot

For centuries, men have been trying to understand female sexuality. It was not until Gräfenberg’s discoveries of sensitivity along the anterior wall of the vagina that we began to truly understand what was taking place on the inside. Since then, sex toys have evolved to stimulate the G-spot to help heighten orgasms for women around the world.

The iSex USB G-Spot Massager is curved to hit the G-spot with powerful vibrations. Its clever, discreet design makes it perfect for erotic pleasure. It’s simple design is perfect for beginners. Its quiet design makes it ideal for use anywhere that privacy is important.

Kegel Exercises need a Mobile App Sex Toy

Kegel exercises are important not only for a woman’s pleasure – tightened Kegel muscles help to increase the intensity of your orgasm while the tightening feels wonderful for your partner – but for her well-being as well. Kegel exercises can help prepare women for vaginal birth, often making labor easier. They also improve urinary health.

The iSex USB Kegel Balls are a simple and pleasurable way to keep up with your Kegels. After all, an exercise routine you enjoy is one you are more likely to do. Simply insert the Kegel balls and plug them into your desired USB port.

Yes, They Offer Tech Support for Men Too

Women are not the only ones who enjoy sex toys. Whether you are enjoying a steamy video, a private chat, or talking to your partner from miles away, iSex offers men multiple ways to enjoy discreet pleasures without the need for batteries or to wait for a charge. Just plug your iSex USB Super Stroker into the USB port of your choice and enjoy the textured sleeve.

The reusable sleeve makes cleanup afterward simple, and the vibrations are guaranteed to deliver a powerful orgasm that will leave you and your partner both saying “oh!”

Love Is No Reason to Ignore the Environment

The iSex line of toys by Pipedream offers you more than just pleasure. They offer you a way to enjoy yourself without making a large impact on the environment. No batteries means no toxic battery acid to fill landfills and possibly pollute lakes and streams. They are also phthalates free, which means they are not just healthy for the environment, they are also safe and healthy for your body. If you are travelling and worried about your toys being confiscated – fear not. They are even TSA-approved.

iSex for Your Active Sex Life

We enjoy sex and we enjoy sex toys. There is no reason that those toys should not fit our busy, on the go lifestyles. Whether you need something discreet in the office, for your dorm, or for on the go, iSex offers variety, discretion, and quality. These unique and functional toys will offer you hours of pleasure, at your fingertips.

Just plug, play, and enjoy.

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