Large sex robots and robot sex machines occupy a unique position in the world of sex toys.  Previously just the realm of intrepid craftsman and homemade sex toy makers that liked to sex-hack drills and thrusting hand saws by putting dildos on the end, we are now witnessing sex robots and robot sex machines being manufactured by professional sex toy makers in factory settings.

This means today's sex robots are getting safer, stronger, and much better made. The result are some of the most amazing sex toys currently available.

Large Sex Robots: Big and MUCH Better

Fleshlights have routinely been sited as the best male sex toy in the universe, but Fleshlights are big and you need a strong arm to use them   It's easy to get tired.

Instead, think of using a Fleshlight-like attachment for the Lovebots Maestro thrusting sex machine.    It starts thrusting at a relatively slow 90 thrusts per minute and then works its way up - with a lot of lube - to an amazing 300 thrusts per minute.

These luxury sex robots - like the Lovebots Maestro -  use a modular attachment framework named Vac-U-Lock.  It was invented by sex machine manufacturer Doc Johnson. When getting a large sex machine we always recommend looking for products that are Vac-U-Lock compatible.  This will ensure the most variety of attachments - whether they be from Doc Johnson or other sex toy manufacturers. This ensure the maximum compatibility across sex machines and means you'll get the best bang for the buck.

All these large sex robots and machines are very fun to ride, straddle and hump.  They feel amazing and getting yourself off without using your hands is an amazing sensations. One of the best things however, is that they are all available from - a source people trust that ships anonymously anywhere.

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The Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine
Get milked with the awesome automated penis pump. Stick it in, turn it on and let it go.
Lovebots Matrix Multi-Angle Sex Machine
Flexibility is the name of the game with this luxury sex machine. Assume any position at any height - stand up, sit down, bend over and take it.
Top Five Women's Sex Machines
The sex machine list you’ve been looking for! We offer up tidbits on the top 5 sex machines currently available.
A-06 Pumping & Thrusting Sex Machine
Sweet little thruster sex machine. Small enough for a desk. Big enough to blow your mind.
Moonight Sex Machine for Men and Women
Suction cups on the bot, forward looking design, 360 degree rotating dildo - all make this a solid little sex machine.
Y-Not Ladies Automatic Multispeed Masturbator Sex Machine
Pink and pretty, this is great simple little thruster for people that want a good sex machine, but want to keep it simple.
F-Machine 110V - a Great Sex Machine
The king (queen?) of sex machines - the F-Machine 110V is an amazing large sex machine. Hot stuff here.
Black Magic Fucking Machine - The Best Large Sex Machine
Large, powerful, expensive - this is most likely the best sex machine currently available.
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Recent Sex Machines and Robotic Sex Toys

We-Vibe Tango Pleasure Mate Collection Kit
These men's sex toys are all about options. Fun to vibe, fun to use on you AND you partner - whomever that might be!
The Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine
Get milked with the awesome automated penis pump. Stick it in, turn it on and let it go.
Auto-Blow 2 - Robot Blowjob Sex Toy
Have you ever wondered what a blowjob from a trained professional might feel like? Purchase the AutoBlow 2 Robotic Blowjob Machine Wonder no more, The AutoBlow 2 is designed with one objective in mind: to give the most climactic experience imaginable. This amazing Blowjob Robot plugs into any electrical […]
Mangasm Voyager Large Prostate Stimulator - Vibrating Male G-spot Prostate Toy
Lads, this style of vibrating prostate sex toy is AMAZING. Get on it! For real!
Lovebotz Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine
Lovebots Maestro Sex Machine is an AMAZING sex machine for both men and women, and MAY just be one of the greatest sex toys ever made. Amazon: Lovebots Maestro Sex Machine We call it the thruster because it thrusts a dildo, or Fleshlight attachment at 0 to 300 SPM: 0 to 300 […]
We-Vibe Touch USB Rechargeable Vibe Waterproof, Purple
Elegant clitoris vibrator - totally waterproof - simple and hot for the ladies!
Sybian for Women: Black with Beige Attachments
Top of the line women's sybian. This is what you see on the Howard Stern show. A truly amazing women's sex machine. Must be ridden to be believed!
Lovense Max - Men's Smartphone Sex Toy
The Lovense Max Bluetooth Male Masturbator is still in a class all his own. To top it all off, anyone with a Bluetooth capable device or home computer setup can be given permission to control your Max pump.
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