Large Sex Machines: Bigger is MUCH Better

Fleshlights have routinely been sited as the best male sex toy in the universe, but Fleshlights are big and you need a strong arm to use them   It's easy to get tired.

Instead, think of using a Fleshlight-like attachment for the Lovebots Maestro thrusting sex machine.    It starts thrusting at a relatively slow 90 thrusts per minute and then works its way up - with a lot of lube - to an amazing 300 thrusts per minute.

These luxury sex robots - like the Lovebots Maestro -  use a modular attachment framework named Vac-U-Lock.  It was invented by sex machine manufacturer Doc Johnson. When getting a large sex machine we always recommend looking for products that are Vac-U-Lock compatible.  This will ensure the most variety of attachments - whether they be from Doc Johnson or other sex toy manufacturers. This ensure the maximum compatibility across sex machines and means you'll get the best bang for the buck.

All these large sex robots and machines are very fun to ride, straddle and hump.  They feel amazing and getting yourself off without using your hands is an amazing sensations. One of the best things however, is that they are all available from - a source people trust that ships anonymously anywhere. Clicking the images below will open these large sex machines at Amazon.

Amazon: Large Sex Machines

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