Lelo Vibrating Luxury Sex Toys

Lelo Vibrators makes amazing luxury vibrators.  They are best, high end vibrator maker we’ve seen and their toys are consistently good and of the best quality.

You can always recognize a Lelo Vibrator or other Lelo sex toy – they all all share a distinct style.  They are general colorful.  They have nice curve and reflective of high design.

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Amazon: Lelo Vibrators and Sex Machines

The design quality is not surprising with Lelo being headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden –  the capital of good products design. Their sex toys for both men and women are consistently noted as making some of the best sex machines available.

While all their sex toys belie luxury – Lelo also makes the most expensive vibrator in the world – The Lelo Inez.  The Inex is  a 24 karat gold vibrator that retails at $15,000. You can purchase it from Amazon at the link below for about $13,000.  How can you go wrong with a gold vibrator!  The perfect gift for a millionaires wife.

LELO sex toys aren’t your average sex toys. Lelo creates their toys to mimic the shape and curve of the human body. They are widely accepted as the smartest looking men’s and women’s adult toys on the market.

Check out the Lelo sex toys we’ve curated from Amazon below.


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    Best Sybian: The Sybian Package for Women

    If you're looking for a high-level sex machine for yourself, your girlfriend or your wife, this sybian is the best you can get. We LOVE this sex machine and think it's one of the best luxury women's sex machines available.

    If you don't know what a sybian is, it's basically a saddle with vibrator on top. It's a great way for a woman to be in control of the experience by straddling atop the vibrator, or to give control her partner by passing the remote control over. You can look up - woman riding sybian - in Google or Bing for some great videos of sybians.

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    Best Luxury Thruster: Lovebotz Versa Sex Machine

    Lovebotz' Versa Sex Machine is what most people think of when they think of a sex machine - a classic thruster. This is a well made, powerful thrusting sex machine and a fun toy for both men and women.

    For women, imagine a dildo moving in and out of you at up to 300 thrusts per minute.

    For men, imagine a dildo moving in and out of your at up to 300 thrusts per minute. . .OR check out the Fleshlight style attachment and imagine stroker that jacks you off at 300 strokes per minute.

    It's pretty amazing, and the Versa Thruster sex machine from Lovebotz is a pretty amazing sex machine. This is high quality, luxury and one of the best sex machines available - we especially like the strong casing! If you're in the market for a great thrusting sex machine, this is a good one to check out.

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    Best Sex Machines and Sex RobotsBest Crowd-Funded Sex Machine: The Autoblow 2

    This crowd-funded blowjob machine is a favorite of our site visitors - and one of our favorites as well! If you're a guy and you've haven't tried a blowjob machine - or if you're a woman and want to make you man the happiest person in the world, then you must get your hands on one of these sex machines.

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    Best Sex Machines for Camming: Lovense

    If you don't know what camming is, it's basically doing sex acts on camera for money. And the top cam girls make A LOT of money. . . a lot.

    These sex machines from Lovense have been specially designed to respond to Bluetooth signals. Cam sites connect to them and go off when someone tips. You can figure out the rest. Check out Chaturbate to see them in action . . . but beware, this site is absoluetly 21+.

    They are LOTS of fun. You can purchase Lovense bluetooth sex toys directly from the manufacturer at the link below.

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    Buy Sex Machines & Sex Robots Online

    Amazon is the biggest sex toy store and largest seller of sex machines and sexrobots - and sex toys in general - on the web. We once came upon the fact that Amazon.com had more than 60,000 sex toys available to purchase on their sex toy store. We tend to think the number of sex toys is a little less, they still have a huge number of sex robots and sex machines on the internet.

    We find many people are kind of shocked when we tell them how many sex toys Amazon have available. They are generally more shocked when we lay out how many sex machines and sex robots they have available to purchase on their site.

    The downside to shopping for sex toys on Amazon is that sex machines and sex robots are hard to find on Amazon. You have to dig in deep to find them. That's where our site comes in!

    We curate many of these toys on our site to put them in one place that is easy to browse. Many of the sex robot reviews on our site will lead you to Amazon.

    Certainly Amazon has a ton of sex robots and sex machines available to purchase on their site, but they don't have them all. There are still some great sex machines available that you simply kind find on Amazon. We find that Kanojo toys is a great alternative.

    Kanojo Toys aren't nearly as big, but being in Tokyo, they have A LOT of sex robots to buy, that you aren't on Amazon. You'll find some great obscure sex toys here.

    It costs a little more money to purchase a sex robot from Kanojo toys, simply because their toys are being shipped from Japan. But their site is still worth checking out - just click the banner above or the link below. They have some great sex machines there that you won't find anywhere else. We love this sex toy store.

    Click below to go to Kanojo Toys:

    Kanojo Toys - Japanese Sex Robots and Sex Machines