Lelo Vibrating Luxury Sex Toys

Lelo Vibrators makes amazing luxury vibrators.  They are best, high end vibrator maker we’ve seen and their toys are consistently good and of the best quality.

You can always recognize a Lelo Vibrator or other Lelo sex toy – they all all share a distinct style.  They are general colorful.  They have nice curve and reflective of high design.

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The design quality is not surprising with Lelo being headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden –  the capital of good products design. Their sex toys for both men and women are consistently noted as making some of the best sex machines available.

While all their sex toys belie luxury – Lelo also makes the most expensive vibrator in the world – The Lelo Inez.  The Inex is  a 24 karat gold vibrator that retails at $15,000. You can purchase it from Amazon at the link below for about $13,000.  How can you go wrong with a gold vibrator!  The perfect gift for a millionaires wife.

LELO sex toys aren’t your average sex toys. Lelo creates their toys to mimic the shape and curve of the human body. They are widely accepted as the smartest looking men’s and women’s adult toys on the market.

Check out the Lelo sex toys we’ve curated from Amazon below.