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Liberator BonBon – An Affordable Sybian

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Liberator is known for being one of the largest sex furniture makers on the planet. Their cushions are made of high-quality microfiber – they look great with lots of vibrant colors and are made of durable micro-fiber fabrics.  This is their sybian.

Amazon: Liberator Bonbon

They have applied that same level of value as their sybian, the Liberator Bonbon. As should be obvious from the picture, a sybian is fundamentally a little base that you stick a vibrator or dildo on so you can get off with a vibrator will using your hands with different spots.

It’s an incredible toy with to use with a friend and and a surprisingly better solo toy.

The Liberator Bonbon is a pleasant, straightforward sybian base that you can attach most vibrators and dildos to. You can see a few of the attachments below.

The sybian’s out cover is the same astounding micro-fiber fabrics that Liberator utilizes over its sex furniture lines. The cover can be removed so you can wash it. Which is awesome and we recommend washing it after each use so it doesn’t get grimy.

There is a dampness confirmation liner underneath the blanket so you don’t need to stress over it getting wet.

The Bonbon sybian is accessible in a larger number of colors. More than a rainbows worth.

The sybian’s solid base is made of super thick foam and fits effectively in a storage closet or underneath a high bed.. It measures, in inches: 15l x 8.5w x 12h.

While its not as large as a percentage of the sybian’s accessible, the BonBon is reasonable at around $50.

You can get one cautiously at We suggest getting a vibrator, dildo or two when you get one, as it doesn’t come with one (which is somewhat a negative part of this toy. But all in all it’s a great sybian for those that want to experiment or move beyond the simple vibrator sex toy.


Amazon: Liberator Bonbon

Vibrators & Dildos for the Liberator Bon Bon

Here are several vibrators and dildos that work with the Liberator Bon Bon sybian.


Images of the Liberator Bon Bon

Amazon: Liberator Bonbon

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