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Large sex robots and robot sex machines occupy a unique position in the world of sex toys. 

Previously just the realm of intrepid craftsman and homemade sex toy makers that liked to sex-hack drills and thrusting hand saws by putting dildos on the end, we are now witnessing sex robots and robot sex machines being manufactured by professional sex toy makers in factory settings.

This means today's sex robots are getting safer, stronger, and much better made. The result are some of the most amazing sex toys currently available.

Lovebots Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine

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Lovebots Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine, Best Sex Machines and Sex Robots - Sybians, Vibrators, Lovebotz
Manufacturer: LoveBotz
Lowest Price: $1,073.59
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This sleek sex machine is designed to provide you repeated orgasms, all around the idea that function and versatility are king. The sleek, silver frame with its rotor and thrusting bar looks like it belongs in a pleasure dungeon.

It will also work equally well in your bedroom.

Sex Machine Speed

The Maestro can has a lot of power in its sleek design. The motor has an adjustable speed from 90 to 300 RPM, giving you a stroke speed from 0 – 300 strokes per minute.

This versatility allows you to go from slow and easy, to fast and hard, and vary according to your own needs and arousal.

Sex Machine Size

Height: 17 inches
Length: 20.75 inches
Width: 11.5 inches

The Maestro is designed to be a compact, fully functioning machine. Its size allows you to use it where ever you can provide a stable surface. If you are lying on a bed, it will require a table to ensure adequate reach and full adjustability. The Maestro can be used floor-mounted as well, from any position you choose.

Sex Machine Versatility

The side wheels allow for the Maestro’s height to be adjusted from 2 inches to 16.5 inches. The angle is also fully adjustable, up to 90 degrees if you want to be able to stand over the machine. This adjustability allows you to enjoy multiple positions, including combining its use with various styles of bondage benches.

Stroke length is also adjustable, from 3 inches to 10 inches, allowing you to determine the depth of penetration and adjust it as you become more comfortable with the machine. If you need reach, something good for some bondage tables, an extension rod gives an additional 8 inches of length.

Sex Machine Attachment

The Maestro comes with two attachments, a realistic dildo, and a tapered anal explorer. It also comes with a vibrating dildo that serves as the remote control as well.

It can be controlled by you, or a partner if you are using the Maestro as part of your intimate time or dynamic play. The Maestro is fully compatible with all Vac-U-Lock attachments, so you have a lot to choose from, including Fleshlight style attachments he will enjoy.

Sex Machine Price

Several adult sites carry the Maestro online, but you can find the best prices via Amazon. Its full retail price is $995.00, however various Amazon merchants offer it from $450 to $530 (plus shipping costs).

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