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Lovebots Sybian: The Ride On Ejaculating Sex Machine

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What is a sybian? A Sybian, also called a Sybian saddle, is a vibrator attached to a saddle-seat that you straddle, or ride, similar to riding a man during sex. It’s a vibrator you ride on top of.

Lovebots sybian is a beautiful professionaly manufactured model available on Amazon.

We say professionally made, because many of the sybians you see on the internet look like they were put together in someone’s garage – but this plush model is one of the best we seen. It looks like something you actually want to sit on – and it ejaculates!

Amazon: Lovebots The Ride On Ejaculating Sex Machine

This sybian is small and compact which makes it easy to store – you can just pop it into a closet when your mom comes to visit. It’s 8 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide and 12 inches long. It works WELL and it great for both vaginal and anal intercourse. It’s great to use solo and really fun to use with an open partner.

It comes with two different dildos – a rabbit vibrator and a classic dildo. The rabbit vibrator is 5.5 inches long and the classic dildo is 5.25 inches long. The rabbit has nubs on it and the dildo has life-like veins.

This Sybian Ejaculates!

The vibrators on the sybian automatically thrust at 50 to 350 thrusts for minute. You control them with a simple wireless remote control – or your partner controls them! This is awesome, but can get a little rough after a while. Luckily, the makers of the sybian have solved this by make it ejaculate.

When you look at the images you’ll see there is a small red button on the front. Whenever you’re ready, just push the button and the vibrator or dildo will squirt fluid. You can put whatever you want in the reservoir. We recommend a nice sex lubricant.

This is a great effect, feels great, and is the perfect thing for the middle of masturbation or sex session when you don’t want to stop but need a little more lubricant. If timed correctly you can also use it to push you over the edge.

This is a great sybian and solidly constructed. It’s smaller than some more expensive sybian models we’ve seen, but the ejaculation feature is a welcome addition, it’s as functional as it is fun and really makes this a solid sex toy.

  • Wireless remote control
  • Small compact size for easy storing
  • One rabbit and one realistic dildo included
  • Ejaculates with the push of a button
  • 50-350 thrusts per minute

Amazon: Lovebots The Ride On Ejaculating Sex Machine

Lovebots Sybian: The Ride On Ejaculating Sex Machine

Amazon: Lovebots The Ride On Ejaculating Sex Machine

Riding a Sybian in Public for Chartiy

Here’s a fun video from Youtube that involve, like the title suggests, riding a Sybian in public for charity. It’s a youtube video, but you have to be logged in to use it because of age restrictions.

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