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LoveBotz 10X Spin Master Rotating Masturbator

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LoveBotz 10X Spin Master Rotating Masturbator by LoveBotz, Best Sex Machines and Sex Robots - Sybians, Vibrators, Lovebotz
Manufacturer: XR Brands
Lowest Price: $260.40
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This is one toy that few people will be able to spot and even fewer will know what it’s for. It’s the perfect incognito toy to stash in any drawer or closet. It’s the 10x Spin Master Rotating Masturbator by LoveBotz and it is a specialty toy of tantalizing proportions. It features a spinning internal structure that’s nubbed for extra sensation and has a mind blowing 10 speed and function option. Each part of the controls is intuitive and within easy reach, but not so near the business end as to get in the way. In addition to the Pin Master’s amazing spinning function it also has several LED lights to give a wonderful ambiance to the encounter when the lights are turned down or off.

The insides themselves are textured for a wonderful, sensual experience, formed from one of the safest materials known to man, TPE, or thermo plastic elastomer rubber. It is phthalate free and hypoallergenic enough for those with sensitive skin. Though this material cannot be heated to high enough temperatures to allow for sterilization it can be adequately cleaned with antibacterial soaps or toy cleaners.

It is important to note that the inner material of this toy is sensitive to oil and silicone based lubricants. To maintain proper structure remember to only use water based lubrication with this toy and carefully wash after each use. Do not submerge this toy in water. Store the Spin Master in a cool and dry location to prevent damage to the electrical components. Do not allow the toy to remain in direct sunlight for lengthy time periods. Do not store the toy until it is completely dried out internally to avoid mold or mildew growth. With proper care this toy will last you multiple years of decently portable, oral sex replicating joy.

As with everything we ship your package will be encased discreetly and shipped privately.

More Information: LoveBotz 10X Spin Master Rotating Masturbator by LoveBotz

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