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Lovebotz Incognito Sex Machine

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Lovebotz Incognito Traveling Sex Machine, Best Sex Machines and Sex Robots - Sybians, Vibrators, Lovebotz
Manufacturer: LoveBots
Lowest Price: $500.00
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Traveling with sex machines can be an eyebrow raising experience. And yet, a hotel room is often the best place to use of these amazing sex toys. The Incognito Travel Machine is designed to go with you conveniently and discreetly.

Everything is contained within an attractive and non-descript carrying case, which acts as the base of the machine once it is assembled.

Sex Machine Speed

The Incognito features adjustable stroke speeds, allowing you to find the right speed for you.

Sex Machine Size

Height: 7 inches
Length: 16.25 inches
Width: 7.25 inches

The Incognito is compact, designed to go where you need it. It can be used vertically on the floor. It can also be set horizontally for floor use or on a stable structure such as a table for use on the bed or bondage table.

Sex Machine Versatility

The Incognito can be used vertically or horizontally. The focus on discretion takes away from versatility, as the machine does not allow for angle motion.

Sex Machine Attachment

The Incognito comes with two attachments, a ribbed penis-shaped dildo and a smooth tapered anal dildo. It also comes with a dildo remote to control the machine and provide additional stimulation.

This machine is also fully compatible with other Vac-U-Lock attachments so that you have a wide variety of ways to gain pleasure from this machine.

Sex Machine Price

The Incognito has a nice price for anyone looking for a sex machine. It is available on amazon for $380 - $410 (plus shipping).

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