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Large sex robots and robot sex machines occupy a unique position in the world of sex toys. 

Previously just the realm of intrepid craftsman and homemade sex toy makers that liked to sex-hack drills and thrusting hand saws by putting dildos on the end, we are now witnessing sex robots and robot sex machines being manufactured by professional sex toy makers in factory settings.

This means today's sex robots are getting safer, stronger, and much better made. The result are some of the most amazing sex toys currently available.

Lovebotz Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine

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Lovebots Maestro Sex Machine is an AMAZING sex machine for both men and women, and MAY just be one of the greatest sex toys ever made.

Amazon: Lovebots Maestro Sex Machine

We call it the thruster because it thrusts a dildo, or Fleshlight attachment at 0 to 300 SPM: 0 to 300 strokes per minute. Throw on a lot of lube and you have the perfect hands free masturbation machine.

Lovebots Maestro Sex Machine is a high-craftsmanship sex toy. It’s easy to assemble and the frame allows this machine to set to different heights, angles and depts.

It uses a remote to adjust the speed of penetration and turn on and off the vibration.

It’s 20.5 inches in length and 11.5 inches in width. It’s about the size of a large desktop printer. The stroke length is 8 inches.

The best thing about this sex machine is that it uses Doc Johnson’s Val-U-Lock attachment system so that it is compatable with MANY different dildos, anal toys, Fleshlight style attachments and more.
Just be sure that the toy your buying is Val-U-Lock compatabile and you’ll be set.

All in all, Lovebots Maestro Sex Machine is a great sex toy for people that are serious about self pleasure, or are looking for an amazing way to please their partner. Ten years ago, sex machines like this were only used by the most ingenious of perverts, but today we can all get one!

The best thing about it, is you can get one from Amazon where it’s shipped anonymously and no one will know you got it, except for the fact that you will not emerge from your home ever again.

Great sex machine? No, greatest sex machine.

Amazon: Lovebots Maestro Sex Machine

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