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LoveBotz Sex Machine - Luxury Sex Machine and Robotic Fuck MachinesLovebotz Thrusting Sex Machines are some of the best sex machines in the world!

If you’re looking for a good quality sex machine from a well-respected sex toy maker – Lovebotz sex machines from XR Brands is a great place to look. Lovebotz, and XR Brands are large sex toy manufacturer who are known for making high end luxury sex toys.  Lovebotz is really the first company to make a line of high end, top quality (read, safe!) sex machines for people to use in their homes, hotels, clubs, cams etc.

Gone are the days where sex machines were relegated to the darker dungeons of BDSM clubs. With beautiful sex machines like the Lovebotz machines featured below, regular, everyday people are discovering that having a well-lubed dildo moving in and out of you at 300 rpms is a pretty incredible experience.

Of if you’re a guy you can get Lovebotz Sex Machine attachments that work like a Fleshlight stroking you incredibly fast and hard.  A Lovebotz thrusting sex machine doesn’t get tired. It doesn’t get limp, and with a remote, you are in control of the situation.

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Love Botz is known for its high quality sex machines and we will be looking at five examples of how they have earned this reputation. When shopping for a sex machine, it is not enough to know that you have a high quality item in front of you.

This is a lover – albeit a mechanical one – and as with any lover, it is not a “one size fits all.” Through this series, we will be looking at five key features of these five machines, showing you the differences between each so that you can choose the robotic lover that is right for you.  Know that whichever one you choose, each of these machines is designed to bring you ultimate satisfaction. 

One of the nice things about Lovebotz Sex Machines is that the machines are really just the rod and the box that moves it. You can use different attachments at the end of the rod. They come with a regular – but very nice – dildo attachment, but you can get all kinds of attachments for it. This include a Fleshlight style attachment sold directly from Lovebotz.

This is a basically an artificial pussy made from their patented Sex Flesh material. When you attach it to the end of the Lovebotz sex machine, it will stroke you at up to 300 strokes per minute. Needless to say, we recommend A LOT of waterbased lube.

Amazon has a great selection of Lovebotz Sex Machines – probably the best we’ve seen. This is great because they are a name most people trust, and they mail things discreetly. When you get the box from Amazon, no one will know that there is an amazing sex machine inside. All people will see is that you received another package from Amazon.

The only issue with sex machines on Amazon, is that they are hard to find. To that end, we’ve collected a bunch of them below. Enjoy these great sex machines.

Buy Lovebotz Compatible Vac-U-Lock Dildos

These luxury sex robots – like the Lovebots Maestro –  use a modular attachment framework named Vac-U-Lock.  It was invented by sex machine manufacturer Doc Johnson. When getting a large sex machine we always recommend looking for products that are Vac-U-Lock compatible. 

This will ensure the most variety of attachments – whether they be from Doc Johnson or other sex toy manufacturers. This ensure the maximum compatibility across sex machines and means you’ll get the best bang for the buck.

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Sex Machines Attachment for Men

For men, there are a number of attachments for Lovebotz sex machines. These include smaller dildos for anal play or a Fleshlight attachments that will slide up and down your cock at incredible speeds. This is a sensation unlike any other.

The attachment is called Pandora’s Pussy. It fits Lovebotz sex machines (the Versa and Pandora’s Box) – and many Lovebotz compatible sex machines. It’s made from XR Brand’s trademark Sex Flesh material which feels pretty incredible, almost better than lifelike – especially when wet or lube up. The men’s Fleshlight style attachment is texturized and has small ridges around the inner circumference of the attachment.

It’s 10.95 inches long and 3.85 inches in diameter.

Lovebotz Double Penetrator

Double penetration is a pretty common fantasy, but one that can difficult to setup in real life because it involves a third party. Finding the right person can be difficult and there are often emotional strings that come into play. This is where Lovebotz Double Penetration Sex Machine Attachments comes into play.

As you come see from the pictures, it’s pretty self explanatory – two dildos connected to a small rod that attaches to a Lovebotz sex machine. Lots of lube – water based – and you are in for the ride of your life.

This is a great attachment – like the men’s sex machine attachment above. But there is one flaw – it only comes with one Dildo. You have to buy the anal dildo separately! Admittedly, this seems weird, but if you want a well made, double penetration attachment for your lovebotz machines, there are not that many choices available.

Buy Lovebotz Sex Machines Online

We’ve found one of the best places to pick up a Lovebotz Sex Machine is at Amazon. They have a wide variety, we trust them, they ship discreetly (it’s just another package from Amazon!), and it’s fun to shop their site!

That said, while there are A LOT!!! of sex toys for sale at Amazon, they are very hard to find. We’ve curated all the Lovebotz sex machines we’ve found on Amazon and placed them in one place below. Enjoy this great collection of the worlds first mass produced, full line of luxury sex machines. Thanks Lovebotz!

Lovebotz is a subsidiary of a MAJOR sex toy maker called XR Brands. They make some of the best sex toys in the world – including Sex Flesh brand sex toys – which you can see at our site

Their Lovebotz sex machines are really quite amazing. They are the first mass produced – safe to use (but not abuse) sex machines. They are colorful, VERY well made and work extremely well – thrusting at upwards of 300 strokes per minute.

Another thing we like about Lovebotz Sex Machines is that they’ve taken discretion into consideration when building them. You can get machines that fit inside a small trunk case. You can’t see what the case contains from the outside. This makes it perfect to take to a hotel or party without anyone you may pay in the hallway or street being any the wiser as to what you’re carrying.