Lovebotz is a subsidiary of a MAJOR sex toy maker called XR Brands. They make some of the best sex toys in the world – including Sex Flesh brand sex toys – which you can see at our site

Their Lovebotz sex machines are really quite amazing. They are the first mass produced – safe to use (but not abuse) sex machines. They are colorful, VERY well made and work extremely well – thrusting at upwards of 300 strokes per minute.

Another thing we like about Lovebotz Sex Machines is that they’ve taken discretion into consideration when building them. You can get machines that fit inside a small trunk case. You can’t see what the case contains from the outside. This makes it perfect to take to a hotel or party without anyone you may pay in the hallway or street being any the wiser as to what you’re carrying.

Lovebotz Sex Machines for Women AND Men

One of the nice things about Lovebotz Sex Machines is that the machines are really just the rod and the box that moves it. You can use different attachments at the end of the rod. They come with a regular – but very nice – dildo attachment, but you can get all kinds of attachments for it. This include a Fleshlight style attachment sold directly from Lovebotz.

This is a basically an artificial pussy made from their patented Sex Flesh material. When you attach it to the end of the Lovebotz sex machine, it will stroke you at up to 300 strokes per minute. Needless to say, we recommend A LOT of waterbased lube.

Buy Lovebotz Sex Machines at Amazon

Amazon has a great selection of Lovebotz Sex Machines – probably the best we’ve seen. This is great because they are a name most people trust, and they mail things discreetly. When you get the box from Amazon, no one will know that there is an amazing sex machine inside. All people will see is that you received another package from Amazon.

The only issue with sex machines on Amazon, is that they are hard to find. To that end, we’ve collected a bunch of them below. Enjoy these great sex machines.

Lovebotz Sex Machines @ Amazon