Lovense Lush Review

Lovense has a solution for your lonelies in the form of a vibrant pink little massager that’s got some pretty spectacular, and boredom crushing, features you’re really gonna love! 

Meet the Lush 2, a svelte, wireless wonder with unending possibility and a fun way to make you and your partner feel a little closer, no matter where you are. Even when your lover is on the other side of the world! 

How? You may ask. Well, this amazing little device is equipped with a Bluetooth chip.

The most Powerful
Digital Bluetooth vibrator

The Lovense Lush vibrator is AMAZING!

Simply put, it’s the best Bluetooth vibrator we’ve ever used. We are FANS. . .

Using the Lush 2 online is safe, secure and it’ll put you right at the helm, calling all the shots like you’re physically in the same room with your partner!

The Best WiFi Sex Toy

 The Bluetooth chip in the Lovense vibrator can be used at close range, giving you 360°of control when you’re within 30’ feet of your wearer when they’re sitting and 45’ feet when they’re standing.  Additionally, that same Bluetooth receiver can be controlled using Lovense’s accompanying app online! 

Not only does that give you unrestricted range from absolutely anywhere in the world with internet access! Meaning that there is simply no limit to the potential range of this tiny beast once you’re connected to the internet!

Discreet in Public
Almost Silent When Inserted!!!

The Lovense Lush is great for public play.

The Lovense Lush is Quiet and Powerful!

And using your Lush 2 in public is every bit as undetectable as when using it in the privacy of your own home. You’ll never have to worry that you’ll be inadvertently detected because instead of the standard, big motor vibrators that are so loud they almost seem mad about it, your Lush 2’s volume peaks at only 45.5 dB! That’s the volume level equivalent to the breathy, whispered words you hear in libraries. 

Not only that but once inserted, the Lush 2 is so close to complete silence that even the wearer will have a real struggle hearing this toy. 

Which is a pretty impressive feat considering that the Lush 2’s motor is 4x the size of standard vibrating eggs, bullets and panties! Giving you up to 2.5 to 3 full hours of continuous play, no matter the method! That’s more than 2x that of comparable adult toys!

The app also gives you the freedom to program the Lush 2 to your/your partner’s favorite music, activated by sound or set to an unlimited variation of vibration patterns!

Lovense Lush Details

  • So quiet!!! GUARANTEED NEVER to be mistaken for the sound of a giant killer hornet!!
  • Eco friendly USB rechargeable and fully waterproof! Hot tubbing, anyone?!
  • Constructed with fully body safe, medical grade materials!
  • Extra large motor, extra long battery life!
  • Unlimited vibrational patterns, control and (online) range!
  • Can be sound activated or synced to music!
  • Measures 7.12” inch (18cm) in full with a 3” inch (7.6cm) by 1.5” inch (3.7cm) insertable bulb and a 5.2” inch (13.3cm) external “antenna”.

Lovense Lush App

The Lush 2 is compatible with the following software: 

  • iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch [iOS 9.0 and later]
  • Android [4.3 and later] & Mac (Bluetooth 4.0 needed)
  • Windows PC systems [Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter required]