Men’s Lovense Male Sex Toy

If you’ve ever watched a chat cam, like those at Chaturbate, you’re probably familiar with the sex toy company – Lovense.   Almost every chat girl out there has a bluetooth activated Lovense sex toy that goes off when people tip them.  

But did you know that Lovense makes men’s sex toys as well?

The men’s Lovense sex toy – the Max 2 Male Masturbator – is a great overall men’s sex toy and cool for a lot of reasons.   At the surface level it is one of many blowjob style men’s sex machines we’ve seen come out over the past few years.  You can see many of them at Sex and Robots, or at our website – where we highlight the best men’s sex toys.

The Max 2 costs $99 at the Lovense site.  Which MAY BE the lowest price you can get this toy.   MSRP is $199, and we found it on Amazon for $119.

Lovense Men's Sex Toy Photos

Lovense Men's Sex Toy is a 'Stroker'

The Lovense male sex toy is called a masturbator or stroker.   

It’s a futuristic take on the classic men’s sex toy – the pocket pussy.  Like the traditional pocket pussy, it works simply.  It’s a tube you put your cock in. 

But unlike a traditional pocket pussy, the Lovense Men’s Sex Toys is mechanized so that when you do put you cock in, you can hit a control and make it  whirl and vibrate until it spirals you into orgasm after orgasm.

Also, it’s all hands free.  So you can do other things with your hands while the Lovense men’s toy gets you off.  (I don’t know what you would do, but I’m sure you can think of something!)

Lovense Men’s Sex Toy Contains…

  • (1)Max 2 Bluetooth Male Masturbator(Includes Neutral Hole Sleeve)
  • (1) USB Charging Cable
  • (1) User Manual

Lovense: A True Bluetooth Men's Sex Toy

You can control it locally, in the same room.  You can use from miles away across the internet, or you can even synch it with the female version – the NORA – and stimulate sex from miles apart.  The two Lovense sex toys will react to each other.  The future of long distance relationships!

The only caveat we want to give with the fun men’s sex toy is that you need to use water-based lube with it.  DO NOT USE SILICONE lube.  Water-based lube is safe to use on sex toys – silicone based lube is not.  It’s pretty easy to see what they are made of by the label.

Or you can just check out the water-based lubes as our lube store, aptly named  That said, we recommend getting the Lovense men’s sex toy at their website –  As we said above, they have the best price we could find online, and you’re getting it straight from the manufacturer so if anything goes wrong. It’s simple to take care of it.

The Lovense male sex toy goes beyond other men’s blowjob machines in a few ways.  It’s got all the bells and whistles of a futuristic male sex machine.  It’s USB rechargeable.   It’s made of body safe material.  It has multiple vibration speeds, patterns and ways to get you off.

There are multiple sleeves available with different textures and styles – including a tradition Fleshlight style vagina sleeve and a more futuristic clear silicone-style sleeve.   It will give you 360 degree contractions with vents at the end to control the suction aspect of the toy.

But what sets the Lovense men’s sex toy apart similar sex toys is that like the women’s Lovense vibrators, this men’s sex toy is BlueTooth controlled – so you, or your partner, or your friend, or a stranger on the other end of chat cam can send you wave after wave of vibrating and twirling pleasure. The Bluetooth control let you control the compression and vibration patterns of the men’s toy.