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Large sex robots and robot sex machines occupy a unique position in the world of sex toys. 

Previously just the realm of intrepid craftsman and homemade sex toy makers that liked to sex-hack drills and thrusting hand saws by putting dildos on the end, we are now witnessing sex robots and robot sex machines being manufactured by professional sex toy makers in factory settings.

This means today's sex robots are getting safer, stronger, and much better made. The result are some of the most amazing sex toys currently available.

Pipedream Products iSex USB Slim Bullet

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Pipedream Products iSex USB Slim Bullet, Best Sex Machines and Sex Robots - Sybians, Vibrators, Lovebotz
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Lowest Price: $16.00
Read Reviews (Amzn): Pipedream Products iSex USB Slim Bullet

If you are not familiar with the innovative pleasure tools powered by USB from Pipedream you don’t want to miss this.

The USB Slim Bullet, like the other devices in this techy collection, only requires a USB port to provide superior and powerful pleasure. It activates immediately after plugging it in and you never have to mess with batteries again.

The head is a soft, blunt tip to allow direct stimulation where you need it. Use it alone or grab your partner and turn up the heat. This lightweight Slim Bullet naturally stimulates any part of the body it contacts.

One steady and unrelenting speed is all you need and makes this toy ideal for use during sex without being obtrusive.

iSex USB Slim Bullet Features

• Nonporous ABS Plastic
• Compatible With All Lubricants
• Easy to Clean
• Phthalate Free
• No Batteries Required
• Great for Beginners
• Works With Any USB Port

iSex USB Slim Bullet Product Specifications

• Length: 2.25 inches
• Girth: 2.1 inches (at largest point)
• Width: 0.6 inches (at largest point)

More Information: Pipedream Products iSex USB Slim Bullet

This Luxury Sex Toy is Currently Available at Amazon.com

This luxury sex toy is currently available for sale at Amazon.com
Safe and discreet ordering | Anonymous shipping.

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