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Rabbit Vibrators - The Best Sex Machines for Women
Rabbit Vibrators are amazingly popular.  And with good reasion, the rabbit is a new take on a classic vibrator.   It was  designed by a sex toy manufacturer, Vibratex.   At it's base it's a simple double function vibe - it has internal as well as external components.  There is an internal penis that vibrates and has a small clitoris stimulator   It's a dual action vibrator - a vibrator with both internal and external components - an internal vibrating penis piece and an outer clitoris piece.

The clitoris piece is usually shaped like a rabbit with the ears buzzing against you.

Rabbit vibrators were originally made in Japan.  They first came out in 1984.   In Japan at the time, sex toy makers were not allowed to manufacturer vibrators.  To get over this, they made vibrators that looked like animals and they came in very bright colors.

Vibratex says they eventually decided to use the rabbit to name its vibrator because the rabbit is a lucky charm in Japanese culture.

Ever since those early days, the rabbit vibrator has become one of the the most iconic sex machines in the world and the most popular robotic sex toy ever.  Ladies, if you don't have a rabbit, you MUST get one.  They are simply amazing.

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