When you pick up a luxury sex machine, it will be good for a while, but eventually you will want to pick up a couple sex machines attachments or sex machine accessories to add a little spice to the simple thrusting of a dildo.

You can get all kinds of dildo anal toys dongs and more – from realistic to the most abstract. A nice thing about sex machine attachments is that you don’t need the machine to use them. If you’re not into a massive pleasure session, you can always use them as simple dildos or anal toys.

When you purchase one, please note that 6″ is small-medium sized, 7″ is going to be decent to large, and 8″ is going to be large to massive!

Also, When purchasing any dildo attachment for a sex machine, simply make sure both the machine and the attachments are Vac-U-Lock compatible. This is a standard size of sex toys that sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnshon came up with to help people know that the Dildo they are purchasing will fit with the sex machine or sex harness they are purchasing. All the dildos below are Vac-U-Lock compatible.

Lube – The Must Have Sex Machine Accessory

The most obvious sex machine accessory is lube. When you purchase a sex machine, we recommend getting lubricant at the same time you pick up the machine. Many sex machines can thrust upwards of 300 thrusts per minute. That’s pretty fast and if you aren’t properly lubed up, it could chafe you pretty quickly.

Lube will help this and make the whole experience much more pleasurable.

There are countless sexual lubricants available, but we recommend a water-based lube. Water-based lubes are not quite as sticky as silicone or gel based lubricants, but they are safer and most importantly, won’t corrode your other sex machine attachments. Over time, silicone lubes can actually wear down dildos and other sex toys. Water based lubes won’t do that.

That said, water based lubes are absorbed more readily by the body and tend to get used up quicker, so you will want to get a large bottle. It’s a drag to be in the middle of a session and realize you’re running out of lube. Here is a good selection from Amazon.

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Dildo, Fleshlight and Dual Coupling Sex Machine Attachments

Extra dildos and anal sex toy attachments the most obvious sex machine accessories, but you can also pick up a fun Fleshlight style attachment for men as well as attachment that let you put two dildos on one – dual couplers – so you can experience double penetration.

There are MANY, MANY different sized and styled dildos, dongs and anal toys available that are Vac-U-Lock compatible. Enough to keep your sex machine interesting for a long time to come.

Enjoy our selection of sex machine attachments and accessories below.

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