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Large sex robots and robot sex machines occupy a unique position in the world of sex toys. 

Previously just the realm of intrepid craftsman and homemade sex toy makers that liked to sex-hack drills and thrusting hand saws by putting dildos on the end, we are now witnessing sex robots and robot sex machines being manufactured by professional sex toy makers in factory settings.

This means today's sex robots are getting safer, stronger, and much better made. The result are some of the most amazing sex toys currently available.

Mr. Beer Robot Sex Machine for Men

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Mr. Beer Robot Sex Machine for Men, Best Sex Machines and Sex Robots - Sybians, Vibrators, Lovebotz
Manufacturer: Bellesense
Lowest Price: $551.35
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This extraordinary men's sex machine is a simple thruster on one level, but so much more on another level. Most are made for women with men as an afterthought, but this this sex toy was intended for men from the beginning, and it shows. It's one of our favorite sex robots.

Simply put your dick in and this men's sex toy takes care of everything else.This is a fun little sex machine.

It comes with a number of things including the beer container sex machine, a pussy masturbator (which will arrives in an arbitrary color), an anal dildo (the color is likewise arbitrary) and a power supply.

Each attachment has an alternate feeling and gives diverse sensations. They are made or silicone - which is the best men's sex toy material around and one we've praised across all our sex toy blogs.

The thrusting distance for this sex machine is 60 mm or 2.362 inches. Like we said before, you simply put your penis in and let the machine do the rest.

It's flexible, which is pleasant, and because of this you can get into many diverse positions. It pushes at 90 to 190 Rpms which is about a large portion of what we've see more genuine sex machines do - Lovebotz toys for instance.

At last, this sex machine is a pleasant novices toy and a decent passage point for men into the universe of sex machines and sex robots. While not as quick as larger machines, its still an incredible toy and some would say gives impressions that are near - if not preferred - over the genuine thing.

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