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The Sexsall Machine – Bang-A-Hole Sexsaw from Kink

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You may have seen a sexsaw, or something like it, in hardcore BDSM videos. A sexsaw is a saw with dildo or fleshlight style attachment on the end. It’s a classic BDSM sex machine.

Amazon: The Sexsall Machine

Before you would have to make your own, now you can purchase a couple different variates of sexsaws online, made by real sex toys manufacturers. What was once only available to sex dungeons and homemade sex toy enthusiasts can now be brought into anyone’s bedroom.

One such sexsaw sex machine, is the Sexsall Machine from Kink Industries, a maker of fine sex toys. Their Sexsall Machine is a great thruster / plowing sex machine. It’s simple to use. Easy to swap out attachments, and has six variable speed settings, from slow to POWERFUL!

It weighs 7.5 pounds total and works with any Val-U-Lock attachment. This means that while it only comes with a dildo attachment, you can also purchase separate anal attachments or fleshlight attachments for men.

The Sexsall Bang-A-Hole sex machine is basically an industrial handsaw with a large dildo attachment. It looks intimidating when you put it together – and it’s supposed to. It’s a great role-playing sex machine and a great, super intense toy for couples that trust each other for some DEEP sex play.

Amazon: The Sexsall Machine

The Sexsall Machine – SexSaw Image Gallery

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