Sybians are large, saddle-like sex toys for women - and some very brave men. There is a dildo or vibrator attachment in the middle. You straddle it like a woman might ride her partner in Cowboy style.

There is usually a remote control that runs the vibrator and turns the intensity of the vibration up and down. For the right person, Sybian's are amazing sex toys.

Currently, there are a few Sybian's available. The word Sybian is actually a term for a high-end, luxury version of this type of toy. You can find them at You'll see the different variations of Sybian-type sex toys below. This is the most comprehensive selection we've found and you'll see there are several different price ranges represented.

Sybians and Sybian-Like Sex Toys

Below you'll find a selection of Sybians and Sybian-like toys that we have taken a slightly deeper look at in the past. Clicking the toys below will take you to a page on our site. Enjoy this great collection of awesome sex toys.

Sybians at Sex And Robots

Sybian for Women: Black with Beige Attachments
Top of the line women's sybian. This is what you see on the Howard Stern show. A truly amazing women's sex machine. Must be ridden to be believed!
Top Five Women's Sex Machines
The sex machine list you’ve been looking for! We offer up tidbits on the top 5 sex machines currently available.
The Best Sybian Sex Machine for Women
This is the best commercially available Sybian. GREAT, large sex toy for women.
Liberator BonBon - An Affordable Sybian
000125Liberator is known for being one of the largest sex furniture makers on the planet. Their cushions are made of high-quality microfiber - they look great with lots of vibrant colors and are made of durable micro-fiber fabrics.  This is their sybian. Amazon: Liberator Bonbon They have applied that same level of […]
Lovebots Sybian: The Ride On Ejaculating Sex Machine
000125 What is a sybian? A Sybian, also called a Sybian saddle, is a vibrator attached to a saddle-seat that you straddle, or ride, similar to riding a man during sex. It's a vibrator you ride on top of. Lovebots sybian is a beautiful professionaly manufactured model available […]
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