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Sybians are large, saddle-like sex toys for women - and some very brave men. There is a dildo or vibrator attachment in the middle. You straddle it like a woman might ride her partner in Cowboy style.

There is usually a remote control that runs the vibrator and turns the intensity of the vibration up and down. For the right person, Sybian's are amazing sex toys.

Currently, there are a few Sybian's available. The word Sybian is actually a term for a high-end, luxury version of this type of toy. You can find them at You'll see the different variations of Sybian-type sex toys below. This is the most comprehensive selection we've found and you'll see there are several different price ranges represented.

Sybians and Sybian-Like Sex Toys

Below you'll find a selection of Sybians and Sybian-like toys that we have taken a slightly deeper look at in the past. Clicking the toys below will take you to a page on our site. Enjoy this great collection of awesome sex toys.