TLC Caesar 2.0 Love Machine 220V, Pink

The TLC Caesar Love Machine has a flat base on it that is designed to fit between a mattress and box spring so you can use this rather large sex toy in bed. Most of the other sex machines on the market require a sturdy flat surface.

Amazon: TLC Caesar 2.0 Love Machine 220V, Pink

Being able to use the Caesar sex machine in bed rather than having to stand it up on the floor has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The first and obvious advantage is that you get to use it in bed, AND you can stand it up on a hard surface. So it’s more versatile than other, similar sex machines.

That said, it doesn’t pump quite as hard as other sex machines. The Lovebotz Maestro or Lovebotz Versa can thrust at 300 pumps per minute (ppm?), while the TLC Caesar comes in less than half that, 130 pumps per minute. That’s not a HUGE disadvantage, but those used to faster machines might notice it. We recommend coming in at HALF that if you’re using it on a bed or chair.

It’s quieter than other sex machines with a ‘whisper’ motor. The barrel can be easily adjusted AND removed for easy storage and to mask the true purpose of the device. The barrel is light weight but strong and the rest of the machine feels very sturdy. It’s 24 pounds total, so it’s hefty enough.

This is a quality sex machine and a great machine for couples and swingers. We LOVE the fact that it’s designed to work in normal bedrooms. . . as opposed to sex dungeons?!?!. . . and appreciate that it’s a slightly smaller, slightly more compact sex machine than the Lovebotz versions. The TLC Caesar Sex Machine is a great toy for people that are serious about sex play.

Amazon: TLC Caesar 2.0 Love Machine 220V, Pink

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Amazon: TLC Caesar 2.0 Love Machine 220V, Pink

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