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Versa Sex Machine

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Versa Sex Machine, Best Sex Machines and Sex Robots - Sybians, Vibrators, Lovebotz
Manufacturer: LoveBotz
Lowest Price: $468.60
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There’s a few things that really make the Versa sex machine stand out above the rest.

To start, it has black metallic housing that covers most of the working parts. This not only makes it look good, but also makes it safer than those with exposed engines because you’re not going to get your finger, or some other appendage, caught in the fly wheel.

We LOVE that the Versa is adjustable – which you can see from the images below. The main unit of the sex machine, the thrusting rod, can be slid up and down the support brackets. And the rod itself can be adjusted to different angles. This differentiates from Toolbox style sex machines which can only be positioned in one stable angle.

The thrusting rod can even be tilted completely vertically so you stand over it, sit over it, or whatever other position you can muster with it going straight up and down. The bottom of the supports have gripping pads to hold the machine in place. And knobs, which are very easy to twist, let you adjust the position.

We also like that the Versa sex machine is powerful. It has a high powered motor that will make the thrusting rod go back and forth at a whopping 300 strokes per minute! It comes with a silicone remote in the shape of a dildo you can adjust the penetration rate and depth.

In addition to a sassy looking (and feeling) remote control / sex toy, the sex machine comes with an 8 inch extension for the rod as well as dildo and anal attachments. Without the rod etension, there is about 4.5 inches of insertable lenghth. With the rod extension there is 10 inches of insertable length .

If you’re looking for a sex machine like those you see in porn movies, this is the one. There’s not much to dislike. Actually, the only thing that we don’t like is that it’s not as discreet as some of the other “tool box” sex machine in which the housing disguises the actual machine to such a degree that you can’t really see what it is.

Versa Sex Machine Video

This is a great demonstration video of the Lovebotz Versa Fuk machine in action. You see how big it is and see that there are a variety of ways to be penetrated by this amazing sex toy. Enjoy this video. It is straight from the manufacturer.

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